Who We Are

We operate premium tours in Moscow

Welcome To “GetLocals” Moscow Tours. Experience Moscow “Like a Local”

Moscow Tours is operated by Stefan a British National living in Russia and his wife Irina who run the “GetLocals” Tour brand

We are fairly new to tourism in fact you could say we are “The new kids on the block” But we are not new when it comes to running world class online consumer sites. We have over 15 years founding and marketing online businesses so we know what it takes to build a world class brand. We offer all of our travelers an exceptional service using only licensed local guides.

We want you to leave Moscow with fond memories of Russia and hope you will spread the word to your friends and family about this great country and city.

We look forward to seeing you in Moscow! Don’t forget to bring a positive outlook and a sense of humor with you when joining our tours, but most of all have a great time discovering a truly beautiful city.

Moscow’s premier walking & private tour company

We live in a fantastic world which is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. And in our mind, the best way to explore any location is on foot. Not only you get a chance to see the main attractions but you also get a great possibility to take the unbeaten path, discover hidden gems. And who doesn’t like that? Moscow is full of hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

Do you want an even better experience and maximize your time during your visit? Guided walking tours are the best way to do that. But hold on… Don’t just take any walking tour. Take a tour that is guided by passionate local guides, just like we are at Moscow Tours. Take a real “Like a local” Experience with us.

Join us and experience the city the way locals do. Not just another walking tour, but a tour that is created especially for you!

We are locals

  • Our guides can capture your intellect and your imagination
  • We help you see the big picture – and the small
  • Our guides are all licensed
  • Moscow Tours make the city better

Get off the beaten path, as well as on it

  • Immerse into neighbourhoods
  • Experience the city in a different way
  • Live in the city, don’t be a guest
  • Make new friends

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